Available courses

Anatomy 110 is a course that covers the basic concepts and principles of human anatomy and physiology. It is designed to help students understand the structure and function of the human body, as well as the interactions of its various systems.

As a Health practitioner, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills on how to comunicate effectivley, using the medical parlance, with the clients and your fellow workers.

The course Equips you with the knowledge and skill on how to handle various ethical issues in line with the laws of Zambia as a medical practitioner

In-depth study of human body structure and function. Equips students with essential knowledge for healthcare, research, and scientific understanding of human biology

A Mental Health and Psychiatry course explores the intricacies of mental well-being, diagnostics, and treatments. It equips learners with essential knowledge to promote mental health and provide effective care.

Comprehensive program for medical professionals covering surgical techniques, patient evaluation, and clinical experience. Equips participants to excel in general surgery and complex clinical scenarios

The course gives you the knowledge and skills you require in the managemnt of the common conditions that affect Children.

Public Health courses delve into the multifaceted field of population well-being, covering topics like epidemiology, policy, and disease prevention, equipping students to address public health challenges effectively

Pharmacology courses provide a deep understanding of drug mechanisms, interactions, and therapeutic applications, empowering students with critical knowledge in medication management and healthcare

Explore the fascinating world of science through our engaging courses. Develop a deep understanding of scientific concepts and practices to spark curiosity and academic growth.